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Hi Modern Drummers, I am very busy at present writing and developing the Time Space & Drums book series as well as a 12-month lesson program and don't really have time to market my first book the Rock Drumming Foundation book from the Time Space &
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Although musical terms are mostly used in more advanced playing situations that involve reading music such as playing in theatre pit, band or full orchestra I believe that at least the most common musical terms should be a requirement at the beginning of a
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Are you interested in learning how to play the drums and become drummer? Then fortunately for you I have create this one-two-three on how to get to where you want to be as a drummer. Step One: Find a Teacher or Guide Although you can teach yourself how t
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As with any other musical instrument, mastering the drums and becoming an expert player takes ambition, time, dedication, and a whole lot of practice. In order to achieve an advanced level of playing, you'll need to work hard at refining the craft of drumm
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Over the course of my many years’ experience learning to play drums, I've run across quite a few useful tips that I think can benefit anyone just starting to play. Implementing these strategies into your drum playing early can save you from encountering p
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Hi, I'm Stephen Hawkins... Let me first start by telling you a little bit about myself and how I came to be writing this blog in the first place. Actually, it all started very badly about 10 years ago - I was forced to change directions after a really ba
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Over the years I have gone through hundreds of drum heads between replacing them on my personal kits, and installing them on the custom drum sets that I used to build. Some drum heads have impressed me over and over and stayed on my kit for weeks, but othe
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